Can Aphrodite Help Us To Change?

 In Goddess Aphrodite

Many people who know me and have worked with me will remember my Goddess Training and Way of the Warrior Workshops during late 80’s to years 2000 onwards. I am looking to go even further now on the whole issue of the archetypal goddess culture of the ancients and in particular, I am currently researching APHRODITE is one of the key energies for transformation at this time on earth. I want you to help me.
It is no accident that not only was I born with the energy of Cyprus coursing through my blood through my heritage but I was born under the sign of Taurus; who guess what, is ruled by Venus!

Venus Aphrodite, she resonates with the power and strength of Cyprus from the Ancient World. I believe this could be the portal to magical powers.

We question what is this ancient wisdom that Aphrodite invokes. How can we apply it in the modern world? and Why ? Who she was? Who she is today? Does it make any difference to us personally and on a world level?
With the terrible things that are happening in the world today, does she have any influence on human beings within relationships, personal and global.

I believe the human spirit, when connected to the roots of an ancient knowledge, can release energy that flows and expands and supports LOVE in relationships, with self and others, the physical and spiritual world become more balanced. This will I am certain affect personal and global relationships resulting in renewed love, harmony, balance and peace in our world.
You might say this is all very interesting philosophy but can it really work to change things in the world?
It must start with our personal relationships and in particular with oneself. We are all having to re examine what is going on in our relationships.
I am devising concepts called the Aphrodite Process and am interested to know what you think about some of the questions posed above.

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