Cosmic Life Force -Spring daisies vibrating in Cyprus

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Energy Matrix-Vibrant golden life force


I am offering ‘Simply Breathing Classes on a regular basis. I  encourage everyone to follow me with conscious connected Breathing to improve health and well being

All chronic pain, suffering and disease are caused by lack of oxygen at the cell level – proper breathing nourishes the cells of the body with oxygen and optimizes the functioning of the body on all levels’. Dr Arthur Guyton

Breathing is one of the few functions in the body that is both voluntary and involuntary. In other words, we have a choice as to how much oxygen and life force we take in. Oxygen is different from life force.

Most dynamic, and effective is conscious connected breathing. It is different from ordinary breathing. it is relaxed, rhythmic and circular. It is the combination of increased oxygen levels, deep relaxation and being mindful of the way it feels, that cleanses and purifies body and mind at a very deep level. Our body knows how to heal itself.

So whatever is going on? If the Virus had a voice, what would it say? Warning! Stop. Notice what us humans have been doing to Mother earth What a word is ‘Lockdown’? It’s time to go inwards and address what we have been suppressing.

It has struck me since the pandemic has hit world wide, that mass consciousness has reached a crisis. Scientists have been talking about quantum reality for a long time now The life force (prana) permeates everything, trees, flowers, rocks and us humans too. I call it the ‘Energy Matrix’ because of the vibrant images that conjures for me. It is intelligent energy, is listening and responds to us. We are not just in it, we are it!   I love this photo I took last Spring in Cyprus! it perfectly shows what is the energy matrix in my experience I talked about in he following  Video. I would love you to look at this.

Please check the video out and see understand the ways in which breathwork can really make a difference to your health and wellbeing

Check out the video below for more in depth information on the power of breathwork to transform health and well being

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