Come join us on a Quest to

Unveil Your Personal Power

Discover the Wisdom Behind the Mask

Do you want to bring out your true magnificence?  Your powerful authentic self?

Not masked by awkwardness. inhibition, lack of self confidence and doubt?

Do you want to become even more successful in business?

In your chosen career?

In your personal relationships?

In your relationship with yourself?



Friday 5pm to Sunday 5pm

This Quest, this Hero’s Journey takes you through 7 doorways to:

+ Awaken your inner magician to connect to your creative power

+ Reveal your higher authority and innate wisdom

+ Allow yourself to live more fully in the present moment

+ Cut to the truth of who you really are

+ Give you a new vision and confidence

+ Heal past traumas to create new beginnings

This Quest will have an immediate dramatic effect, transforming your life. Why? Because we are entering a Higher Realm, connecting with Universal Life Force Energy. We access this dynamically throughout the workshop by the use of Conscious Connected Breathing which transforms at a deep cellular level. By entering into this powerful initiation you are calling on Ancient Wisdom, Your Guides, Guardians, Angels, and Higher Consciousness (God/Spirit) to assist you to move into freedom, expansiveness and creativity and become the creator of the life you really want to live.

Choose this weekend workshop or give yourself a whole week in Southern Spain, south of Granada, the land of the Ancient Civilization of the Moors

More than a retreat

More than a holiday

7 days of Self Discovery

incorporating the Quest –  The Hero’s Journey

3 –  10 October 2018

Your time at the retreat is for you to enjoy all activities, such as individual life energy coaching*, breathing/rebirthing*, tarot*, creative writing, cultural talk, live music, singing and dancing, walking/hiking, horse riding*, visit Alhambra in Granada*, massage*, small gym, discussion groups and lots of fun and laughter!

This retreat will bring greater depth and breadth to WHO YOU ARE. You are more than your name, your role in life, your profession. We often tread the same path each day – doing the same things, until we sometimes get bored and stale. We yearn for something different, exciting, challenging – but don’t know the choices we have. We don’t know our potential.  You now have the opportunity to find out.

What makes this retreat so different is the inclusion of the 22 hour weekend workshop. The workshop uses Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World, (ritual, drama, expressive movement, rebirthing/breathwork and music) we step across the THRESHOLD of our perceived LIMITATIONS IN A SITE SPECIFIC Hero’s Journey – as if you are re-creating a kind of ‘Lord of the Rings’ Quest to discover more about yourself than you believed possible! You physically walk to the Hermit’s Cave;  you go to the underground world to meet Hecate and your darker side; you cross the bridge to meet your Higher Self.

This Quest is a very different experience – it will be challenging, enlightening and life changing


This retreat is for men and women. You can come as a single or couple; no matter what your sexual orientation is, everyone is welcome.

Where you’ll be staying








You will be staying at the wonderful Villa Emma, surrounded by the magnificent Mountains of the Sierra Nevada, The Alpujarras, Granada. This is a beautiful house and grounds with large pool and Jacuzzi, plus a private chef. Your accommodation will include sharing with one other person.

Four Twin Rooms with en-suite; sharing

Two Luxury Double Rooms with en-suite (these incur a supplement of €100 per person)

Activities marked with * above will incur extra costs and can be booked in advance or at the retreat subject to availability.

You can choose

Option1: The Workshop only Friday 5pm to Sunday 5pm;  Cost is €495 which includes a light buffet & refreshments on Friday, Saturday & Sunday (but not accommodation).

Option 2. The 7 day retreat incorporates the 22 hour weekend workshop The cost of this fabulous week is €1295 – this includes all meals and 7 days accommodation

A full itinerary will be given when you book.



Christina Artemis & Glynis Judge are your lead facilitators

Christina’s background is in Acting, Directing, Dance; Now a World Renowned Breathwork & Rebirth practitioner. With a City of London Degree L.G.S.M&D, and running her own Performance Arts Company in Bournemouth, she created over 14 stage productions. She runs self- development courses, workshops and rebirther trainings.  Glynis’s background is in Corporate Business Coaching and Workshop leader in Leadership, Management, Culture and Team Performance.  She is a Rebirther/Breathworker and now has a team of specialists in Spain and the UK to help people create their True Expression. She has an M.A. in Creative Writing.

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