Calling upon ancient wisdom, we find that there are 7 principles, that the number 7 is a sacred Number in ancient societies and often used in rituals. I have drawn upon the teachings and rituals of the ancient mystery schools of Greece and Egypt to create and inspire my work with The audio course of ‘The 7 Keys to personal power.

These 7 mysteries will be explored through the course to activate your power and inner knowing; thus preparing you to step across the threshold of the Doorways of Initiation.

There is a quickening of energy on the planet right now . . . an awakening of the ancient wisdom which has much to teach us in our modern day society. The doorways are opening in the outer realms – human beings are being called upon to become the masters of their own lives.

Many people today have chosen the path of initiation for the purpose of raising consciousness both personally and for the planet. This is a time of revelation, of self mastery.

You may have been experiencing difficulties and struggle in some areas of your life and having to face your worst fears. “ The light of planet Venus the morning and evening star is piercing the darkness – have faith. We are entering a golden age”

So What is Initiation?

There are many types of initiation: in tribal society, the young warrior might have to go out into the wilderness and kill a wild animal to prove him/herself; another may ingest powerful herbs and go on transcendental inner exploration of the lower, and upper worlds meeting demons of their own thoughts,( shamanic journeys).Some religious examples, will be baptism, bamitza, communion; these are all rites of passage.

Initiation is the process through which a human being is spiritually awakened, developing a clear understanding — and direct experience — of the higher spiritual realities which create and direct human life.

The ancient Mystery schools were said to have been created to protect powerful knowledge. The students had to go through a series of tests, at all levels emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually before they were allowed to ‘enter the inner sanctum’ .These tests grew progressively more difficult and are called initiations.

We invite you to explore your inner world . . . The 7 keys audio set is a program that will benefit you immediately.

The program will:

• Activate the Master Key to the miraculous which is already within you; the power of the creative life force . Creativity is a natural inborn human function accessed through imagination – this is your greatest gift.

• Give you direct access to subconscious mind, where you will gain profound insights in all the ways that you sabotage yourself ; where suppression has caused blockages to life force energy.

• Assist you to let go of the victim and negative belief patterns, structures and behaviours

• Give you the power to make new positive, life affirming choices; to actually transform your inner world. This not just at the mind level; if there is a vibrational or energy change on the inner, your outer world will show this and you will have a very different experience

• Connect you with myth and archetypes, that help you relook at your own ‘story’; so you can observe the roles you play, your personal conflicts, dilemmas, and support you to create your life afresh.

• Give you the confidence of your personal power; which will encourage you in your fullest expression of your unique gifts, talents and life’s purpose.

• Prepare you for an extraordinary adventure that will deepen your experience– a weekend course called “Doorways to Power.”

“Of course you will want to know first- hand what these programmes are like.” Here is a little example:

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