We empower individuals through private sessions, workshop courses and trainings to experience and gain more personal freedom, passion, aliveness and the power of full creative expression by raising consciousness and awareness through enlightenment = integrative breath work therapy and transformational theatre.  We use drama, dance and voice techniques and the sessions range from beginners and to more advanced levels.
The foundation supports trainers and workshop leaders to take this work nationally and internationally.
Exploring the inner worlds brings about changes in the outer world:
• To help others to realise their full creative power and potential
• That by connecting to their inner wisdom which connects to universal energy
• We are directly connected to universal energy and life force = sea of consciousness that responds our every thought
• Human beings are really magicians
• Transformational Theatre – a mystery school – 7 ancient keys this is just the beginning of imagination and will
To awaken the creative power within in everyone:
We use the Venus principal to awaken the seed within and concept in our hearts and minds and manifest this in our own lives and create a Heaven on Earth.
The vision is to build a Heaven on Earth where love, peace and harmony are dominant.  (End to separation, war and hunger.)
Gaining knowledge that can change your life and transform and gain an altered state of consciousness.


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