Key 1: Threshold

Threshold . . . new beginnings . . . Birth in an archetypal sense . . . the ability to start again at any time. A chance to review your life and relationships; to re-affirm your commitment to [...]

Key 2: Choices

Our mind influences every cell of our body. . Your thoughts manifest out in the world. Use your mind as a powerful tool for change. With every moment you have a choice and the ability to respond [...]

Key 3: Persona

Expand your awareness of who you are… set the stage where you identify the Roles you play in your life, based on personal, family and social perceptions . . . See whether they support or [...]

Key 4: Transformation

The gatekeeper hands you the Key (describe him/her) you are standing with him at the gateway between our world and the Underworld. Once you pass this doorway there’s no going back. This inner [...]

Key 5: The Past

You are given the Key to the Past and will be encouraged to look deeply within at many aspects of your life from birth to the present. It’s time to let go and complete with the past.

Key 6: The Magician Within

You have come through a lot. This is the Master key. Meet your Inner Magician and find the road from victim to mastery and Manifestation. Discover your ability to make your dreams a reality. [...]

Key 7: Vision

What is your life’s purpose ? You now have a new level of creative freedom. You have direct access to the Creative Force through your breath; Vision your quest – your life’s purpose. You [...]