Conscious Breathwork Class


Only £12  per session; Reduction if you book a series.

Book for 6 weeks (one class a week) at £10 per session ( paid upfront £60);

Book for 6 weeks (two classes a week) only £8 per session ( paid upfront £96).

Wake up your Immune system! Release stress and anxiety!

Conscious Connected Breathing Classes online with Christina Artemis

International Healer, Rebirthing consultant Trainer for  over 30 years

Join her from the safety on your own home as she guides you progressively through conscious breathing exercises and inner journeys (visualisation)

Sunday evenings Starting Sunday 7th June 6-7pm

Book Now as numbers are limited

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The specific breath work I teach is aligned to advanced yoga- Krya Yoga or Pranayama (breath mastery). The use of its power for healing and balance in our bodies was known throughout ancient civilizations. It is the most fundamental part of one’s existence and yet, we take it totally for granted.

The benefits of Conscious breath work 

  • Breath is the bridge connecting the conscious and unconscious mind. Conscious Connected Breathing can change your life by integrating stored emotional memories held in the very fibres of our body, mind, spirit (cellular memory).
  • It can improve conditions of chronic tiredness, asthma, chest pains, loss of energy or libido and help to lower blood pressure.
  • It is a scientific fact that 70% of the waste products of the body are released through breathing.
  • The immune system is strengthened through increased oxygen from breathing more fully and freely.
  • It can dissolve fears, doubts and anxieties.
  • People will experience more life energy and aliveness
  • Breathing consciously, fully and freely, aligns and balances our body, emotions, mind and spirit
  • Physiologically, most people are shallow breathing. It’s important to fully engage the lungs to massage the internal organs

Breathing is one of the few functions in the body that is both voluntary and involuntary. In other words, we have a choice as to how much oxygen and life force we take in. Oxygen is different from life force. Through conscious connected breath work, we are learning to breathe energy as well as air. Conscious Breath-work is profound in its ability to transform!                                                                                                                       

All chronic pain, suffering and disease are caused by lack of oxygen at the cell level – proper breathing nourishes the cells of the body with oxygen and optimizes the functioning of the body on all levels’.  Dr Arthur Guyton

Dis-ease is caused by blockages of the life-force in parts of the body, often because of suppressed, old emotional upsets, and traumas. Many people feel tired and depressed a lot of the time as a result of this suppression, resorting to having to take pills.

There are many breathing techniques throughout yoga practice, and for singing, meditation and sports.  But the most dynamic, and effective is conscious connected breathing. It is different from ordinary breathing in that it is more rhythmic, circular, and conscious.

Conscious breathing is relaxed, rhythmic and circular. It is the combination of increased oxygen levels, deep relaxation and being mindful of the way it feels, that cleanses and purifies body and mind at a very deep level. Our body knows how to heal itself.  We choose how much oxygen we take in so we can choose to heal ourselves, right now. This is not new age mumbo jumbo speak!

Conscious connected breathing takes you into a magical realm going beyond mind, melting negative thoughts and patterns using your own natural intelligence. Conscious Breathing is a process that flushes out toxins, ditches emotional trauma and so much more, giving you the platform and tools to create a compelling future                             

It’s extraordinary how much we want to live. If we start choking on a piece of food that went the wrong way, we can feel some serious panic.. Most of the time we are only breathing at a quarter of our capacity, in a shallow way which is just enough to keep us alive. We don’t notice that fear stops us breathing or that anxiety makes us take sharp, shallow breaths


  1. Christina Atemis

    To reserve the full courses please contact me direct via

  2. Christina Atemis

    I have not experienced breath work before and found that Christina explained it very well and put me very much at ease as I practised the breathing. The co creative inner journey was quite a revelation and the pressure I had been feeling in my chest area was released. I would recommend this to other people to attend as I found it an uplifting experience.

    Maria Taylor

  3. Christina Atemis

    Crossing the threshold into a realm of co-creative visualization, visions unlock conundrums and guides bestow gifts of wisdom. Christina has a unique ability to offer insights supported by Concious Connected Breathing through her passion and genuine willingness to help facilitate you on your healing journey.  Judy Lancaster

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