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Doorways to Power”— Wisdom behind the Mask

Meditation with mindfulness and much, much more, this podcast comprises 1 hour’s tuition. It includes written exercises for progressive self development and powerful inner visualisation journeys with music.  The Ancient mystery schools of Greece and Egypt activate sacred knowledge from within students through a series of initiations; testing them at all levels emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

The number 7 is a sacred number; this podcast prepares you to step across the threshold, using these powerful keys to open the Doorways of Initiation.  By entering into Initiation, you are calling on ancient wisdom, your guides, guardians, angels and higher consciousness (God) to assist you to move beyond your limitations.

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We invite you to explore your inner world.

The program will

  • Activate the Master Key to the miraculous which is already within you; the power of the creative life force. Creativity is a natural inborn human function accessed through imagination – this is your greatest gift.   
  • Give you direct access to subconscious mind, where you will gain profound insights in all the ways that you sabotage yourself; where suppression has caused blockages to life force energy.
  • Assist you to let go of the victim and negative belief patterns, structures and behaviors
  • Give you the power to make new positive, life affirming choices; to actually transform your inner world.  This not just at the mind level; if there is an energy change on the inner, your outer world will show this  and you will have a very different experience
  • Connect you with myth and archetypes, that help you re-look at your own ‘story’;  so you can observe the roles you play, your personal conflicts, dilemmas, and support you to create  your life afresh.
  • Give you the confidence of your personal power; which will encourage you in your fullest expression of your unique gifts, talents and life’s purpose.
  • Prepare you for an extraordinary adventure that will deepen your experience– a weekend course called “Doorways to Power.”


  1. Charlotte

    I really enjoyed this podcast; I stopped several times and processed the feelings I was going through and felt like a weight had lifted when I finished.

  2. Joyce Tyson

    Christina has so much experience in this kind of work. Its time everyone knew about it! I have developed and changed so much doing her trainings. I can quite happily say that it has changed my life, and empowered me. Recommended.

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