The Key to unlock Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

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Do you want to create more of what you want- happiness, good health and unlimited wealth? I offer you the keys, opportunities to open magical doorways into your unconscious mind, the realm of your imagination. One of the secrets of ancient wisdom is the rich use of this gift through visualization. Here is where we can change things, create what we want in the inner world. Eg: reprogramming habitual thoughts, solving problems, visioning a new and different reality.

Where can we actively do this consciously?

What is the Quest? The Hero’s journey? Everyone at some point seeks it, it is innate in all humans and by stepping on to that path, it signifies the quest for personal development, for self knowledge. You are that Hero! We are offering the Quest!

Heroes, in myth, literature and real life take journeys, confront dragons ( ie problems) and discover the treasure of their true selves . How can we do this in the midst of day to day reality? Myth is the original self help psychology. Meeting the archetypes that exist within each story, that are universal energies within ourselves. They are our power guides, anchors helping us discover our inner gifts, solve difficult issues and transform our lives with rich sources of inner strength.

Most often we make excuses, not enough time, money etc. Wouldn’t you love to find a safe space where you can just focus on yourself away from the usual commitments of work, family and other distractions; where you can be the Hero of your own Quest?

I can’t actually do it for you, but I have set up a unique place for you to find this for yourself, on a beautiful 7 day retreat in Southern Spain to ‘Unveil your Personal Power’

You might say ‘ I am doing it already but are you? Haven’t got the luxury of that amount of time and money? But you can’t afford not to, because you are the power behind not only transformation for your self ,but it will influence change in all those you love around you, when you change.

A lot is talked about these days of focusing more positive thoughts, meditating and of course this is one step towards enlightenment, but we go one stage further in all the work we do; The use of conscious breathing techniques in conjunction with the enactment of the mythical stories within is dynamic; and actually physically walking the journey through 7 Doorways in a divine ritual drama around your own life and purpose.

Join us in Southern Spain in October; Click the link here to be transported.

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