The River of Life

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‘Dis-ease is caused by blockages of the life-force in parts of the body, often because of suppressed, old emotional upsets, and traumas’.

I believe the Virus has thrown many human beings into a state of fear & intense anxiety; maybe awakened the ‘fear of attack from the outside, it’s not safe out here’( bacteria) fear of survival ( loss of work)  I believe it’s activating any Birth experience and suppression that hasn’t been experienced.

The positive side to this is that everyone is being ‘thrown inwards creating the opportunity to re-evaluate, to take responsibility for our lives and our thinking, and to review where we want to change and move forward in a different way.

New Paradigms – new possibilities; Quantum physics tells us that the universal field of energy and information never stops transforming itself becoming new in every second. Our bodies obey the same creative impulse.  We don’t just live IN the quantum field. We are it!

If we change our perception, we change the experience of our bodies and our world

As a man thinketh, so is s/he – Your Word is Law

Beliefs, thoughts and emotions create the chemical reaction that uphold life in every cell

Our mind influences every cell of the body. Nothing holds more power over the body and our world than our mind. Our bodies are composed of energy and information

Conscious Connected Breathing is the most effective to recalibrate our nervous system as it generates electromagnetic energy ( prana)

It can help rid us of stress, worries & tensions, cleanse built up toxins, and bring us back to our true nature of relaxed openness and connection, and feel refreshed and energized.

Face those fears and let yourself be carried by the River of Life

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