ARCHETYPAL SOUL JOURNEYS: Background influences

handmade antique African maskThe magic of Myth

Theatre that transforms

Being much influenced by mythology from all cultures, in particular ancient Greek myths and Shamanic traditions; Christina Artemis has developed ‘Archetypal Soul Journeys’.

Ancient Amphitheatre at Curium CyprusSince ancient times, drama has been employed as a method to raise the  consciousness of mankind; Greek and Roman theatre had great cultural impact, exploring big themes – the great tragedies of life, performed in front of huge audiences in vast amphitheatres. They significantly influenced development of the arts today.  The Greek Myths contains some of the most thrilling, romantic, and unforgettable stories in all human history.

Medicine Men and Women of the Old Tribes are referred to as Shamans or Sorcerers. Their sacred knowledge was kept secret within the family, and passed down through generations.  They undertook rigorous training, and were skilled in bringing spirit, and other dimensions of reality, into a form of ritual drama performance specifically designed to raise the consciousness of the tribe.  The community would consult them for advice and healing. The Shamans were skilled in the use of herbs and even ingested hallucinogenic plants to induce altered states of consciousness.  Their affinity with the earth and her creatures led them to attribute power to the animal kingdoms, and this was expressed in their ceremonial performances and rituals. They used costumes, masks to invoke the spirit world and the archetypal Gods and Goddesses.

Ancient Greek maskShamans still operate in the present day, predominantly in what remains of the indigenous societies of Australasia, Africa, North and South America. The British Isles has an exceptionally rich heritage of native spirituality. In recent times we have reawakened to what a valuable cultural heritage these practices are, revealing much about our day to day existence.

Ritual Drama can reveal archetypal and spiritual dimensions that exist beyond the confines of everyday reality space and time.

Archetypal Soul Journeys returns to these roots, inspiring people to look deep into themselves and society, potentially heralding a more positive and harmonious world.

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