Bird LoversThe mythic marriage of Eros and Psyche is full of profound symbolism, for the name Psyche means ‘soul’ and the union between these two portrays the transformation of the human soul through the power of Love 

‘Love makes the World go round’, books, plays and films highlight the complexities of relationships.  We all want to love and be loved, but all too often, this is not our experience When the honeymoon period seems to be over . . . children, the daily chores take over & our partner turns into somebody we don’t recognise. Then we blame our partner or they blame us for being unhappy or feeling unfulfilled.

Why does this happen?

Well ‘Love brings up anything unlike itself’( Sondra Ray) why? . . for the purpose of healing. Love is a power that shine a light on our most negative patterns of thoughts and behaviour that may have possibly lain dormant; relationships can highlight the very best of us and the worst; maybe we ask ourselves have we fallen out of love?

We will often project the most negative thoughts we have about ourselves on to our partner, They become our mirrors and the beliefs become a self fulfilling prophesy

In all my years as a breath mastery counsellor, ( rebirther),  I always look at my client’s family patterns especially the  “Personal Law”. Within a few sessions of Breath-work, I aim to discover the personal law; this is a dynamic process of awakening; this key alone will get to the root of the matter very fast, where one could spend years in therapy. The personal law is the most negative thought you have about yourself based on fundamental core beliefs, usually occurring at birth.  This holds every other pattern in place and will show up in all aspects of your life too. A pattern is any form of unconscious repetitive belief or behaviour.   For example consider a person who has a personal law – I am not wanted, I am wrong. Perhaps they felt rejected at their birth because they were a girl instead of the much desired boy. In adult hood, after being in a happy relationship for a while, they begin to project on to the partner…. ‘ I’m not wanted  or ‘I don’t want you’ and no matter what the partner does, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t be what is wanted and he is always wrong. The relationship is doomed.

Sun and Moon MaskBy perpetuating the belief that someone or something else is responsible for us and our dilemmas . . . ’ it’s everybody else’s fault but mine, especially our partner’. We give our power away and become a victim to outside circumstances. All our partner is doing is projecting our most negative thoughts about  ourselves. Once you become conscious to your personal law and take responsibility, for the patterns you and your partner are ‘running’, you can change your relationships for the better. This is a dynamic process and has massive results because It brings awareness about what’s really happening at a deep, subconscious level.  This will bring up all you resistances but if you’re dedicated to healing your relationships, then the rewards are huge.

My courses help you re-ignite the love, respect and honesty  to your relationship so energy is free to flow harmoniously instead of getting blocked and wasted on negative patterns  of behaviour.

The Personal law is a major Key for healing and transformation as it will always be played out in your most intimate relationships including family and children.

I am writing a new fantasy Novel, following the adventure / journey of a young man and Woman to find the ancient Temple of Aphrodite, to bring balance back to Earth. They are Soul Mates throughout all lifetimes. This will  be followed by a  self development book called ‘The Aphrodite process’- mastering the complexities and beauty of Love and relationships; I  invite you to follow my progress on my blog


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