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aphrodite-painting-galleryTHE APHRODITE PROCESS

I have been promising my friends and clients, for quite a long time, to write my book on Love and Relationships. You know how it is? . . if there is something really significant to do, plenty of excuses and everything else takes over? Resistance?

As you may or may not know, my Father was Greek Cypriot (by the way I wasn’t born there) . . . But as the colder weather sets in, the warmth of Cyprus beckons; my Sister lives there and I have a few months spare. I was born with Venus as my ruling planet and She as ‘Aphrodite’ rules Cyprus.

Perhaps the reason I’ve been slow in really getting on with the process, is I have become aware there is a deeper fear within me in that the moment I really focus this book, I will attract into my life, the ‘Man of my Dreams’. I have been waiting for him for a long time and you’d think I’d be delighted!  Well, I know just how powerful is the transformational energy of Aphrodite . . . and since I’ll be writing about her, who knows what will happen!

I have had quite a few strong long term relationships over the years (never married though-my choice) and learnt a lot from the amazing info I discovered through the rebirthing process about how family patterns and the early influences affected our relationships (more about this later –it’s quite revolutionary)   I applied this knowledge over the years through the life energy coaching and the privilege  of sharing deep and personal issues with the people I worked with. Yes, it seems relationships can be the best but the most confronting and challenging seminars in town.

So here goes, I will keep you posted as I write my new book “ The Aphrodite Process” . . . a practical Guide to mastering the complexity and Beauty of Love and Relationships. Aphrodite is most well known as the Greek Goddess representing the epitome of the feminine form; but she is an Archetype, representing the human being’s quest for personal and universal love, harmony, art, beauty and creativity affecting all men and women.

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