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I would love to offer you the chance to meet me on a free Webinar scheduled during March, to learn more about these 7  ancient Keys. I am excited as I devise an 8 week Course taking you on an extraordinary adventure.

Walking through the ancient ruins of ‘Ephesus’, in Turkey, when I discovered the beginnings of an ancient path through the 7 Keys , it felt like an old, old memory. I am still uncovering and learning more of this ancient wisdom and I want to share it with you.  Interestingly, I was born with the name Artemis through my Greek Cypriot Father and the Temple of Artemis, (one of the 7 Wonders of the World) forms a major feature of the amazing site of Ephesus. It is not surprising that I was given the channelling on that site.

Activate the Master Key to the miraculous which is already within you; the power of the creative life force . Creativity is a natural inborn human function accessed through imagination – this is your greatest gift.

 I wish to:

• Connect you with myth and archetypes, that help you relook at your own ‘story’; so you can observe the roles you play, your personal conflicts, dilemmas, and support you to create your life afresh

• Give you direct access to subconscious mind, where you will gain profound insights in all the ways that you sabotage yourself ;

• Give you the power to make new positive, life affirming choices; to actually transform your inner world. This not just at the mind level; if there is a vibrational or energy change on the inner, your outer world will show this and you will have a very different experience

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