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  • "Christina Artemis is one of the originals having been trained by Leonard Orr from USA when rebirthing first took off in the early 70 / 80’s. In my opinion she is one of the top Rebirthers in the UK and has the rare ability to integrate matters arising. She is truly dedicated to this form of breath therapy and is always there for her clients."

    Irene Bradshaw
    Irene Bradshaw Actress/Higher Education Professional.
  • "I have known Christina for 10 years as a Rebirther (Breathworker), a group facilitator for Transformational Theatre, A Writer and as a Director. Christina has a lifetime experience in developing people and is one of the most creative people I know   She is empathic, supportive, inspiring and challenging.  She is not afraid to take her clients into the 'darker places' of the shadow in order to make them conscious of these aspects of themselves.  This then supports her clients to become more powerful and enlightened person and enable them to make more informed choices in their life and their work. I thoroughly recommend Christina Artemis if you want to disturb and open your mind, nourish your soul and become a more heartfelt and aware person."

    Glynis Judge
    Glynis Judge Organizational Development Consultant, Writer, Therapist and Coa
  • "If you really want to discover who you are and how to be truly transformed, the courses you will find here are of the utmost excellence . . . the supportive atmosphere in the group work practice is of the highest standard I’ve seen in my career. I would recommend it to everyone."

    Debbie Amos Social Worker
  • "The work I did with Christina, is the most transformative I’ve ever done. It literally changed my life, giving me the courage and insight to change things that I had been afraid of doing previously – powerful stuff!"

  • "Christina’s connection to her deepest self is the reason I trust her with mine."

    Sally Assor
  • "Having known Christina socially and professionally for over 3 years – I am still being surprised & delighted by this lady’s extensive variety of talents. From the Arts to Breath Mastery & beyond- Christina is well respected and adored by people in these communities. This is due to Christina’s wealth of experience and expertise as well as the interest, time and energy she devotes to involving / empowering & showing genuine interest in others."

    Diane Flamers
    Diane Flamers
  • "I first met Christina after barely finishing university and feeling rather lost about my bleak looking future.  I signed up to working with her as an assistant and then a year down the line ended up writing,  producing and performing in a play of my own.  Christina has this magnetic and inspirational power to attract quality creative and seriously brave artists around her. I’ve also seen the most shy and sensitive souls blossom into confident and forthright characters after working with her.  I will forever be grateful to Christina for what she saw in me and made me able to achieve. I have met friends for life through working with her and have also truly found my calling in life.  You are very lucky to have come across this website and have this opportunity.  I urge you to grab it with both hands!"

    Natalya Hammond-Betts
  • I have known Christina Artemis for 14 years. Whenever I reach a point of making a decision or taking a new path in life I call Christina for a Tarot Reading. Why?  Because Tarot Cards are really great as they tell of a journey - but with a great Tarot Reader one can achieve tremendous insights, raise awareness, gain clarity and support to take new steps in life.  Christina listens, connects and hears the Other Worlds through the Thin Veil, and with her vast and deep knowledge of Greek Mythology Ancient Wisdom and her experience of the Shadow as a Rebirther, she has the ability to see deep patterns that maybe do not serve one anymore.  Her insights into areas untouched and undiscovered, brings out our own inner wisdom to see for ourselves through the mists some clarity of choices.   I have had amazing revelations through the Tarot readings by Christina and can only say that I thoroughly recommend her - what are you waiting for? Just call her.

    Glynis Judge The Bohemian Way
  • I recently enjoyed a tarot reading with the gifted Christina Artemis. She is incredibly intuitive and very quickly tuned in to my immediate situation and the fundamental changes currently happening in my life. Her observations have really helped me to understand and make sense of these changes. As a result I now have a much clearer vision the big picture and how these important shifts are moving me towards some exciting new opportunities which are totally in line with the unspoken dreams that my heart has been yearning to express. Christina effortlessly picked up on these desires and showed me how they will become manifest over the coming months. She has an amazing gift and if you are lucky enough to experience a reading with her, you are in for areal treat!

    Julie Bryant


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