• Audio Courses ( Downloads) All include tuition & written exercises for progressive self development and powerful inner journeys of visualisation.
  • The 7 keys to Personal Power: beneficial on its’ own & as a preparation for the 22 hour Workshop ‘Doorways to Power (Wisdom behind the Mask)
  • Doorways to power – EBook and paperback
  • Life Energy Coaching ;Relationship Counselling in Bournemouth and on Skype
  • Breath Mastery (Rebirthing) sessions; Personal 1-1, groups., Courses and Workshops
  • Tarot readings : 1-1 local in Bournemouth; Distance consultations by phone or Skype
  • Doorways to Power- 22 hour Intensive Weekend Workshop – (Wisdom behind the Mask’)
  •  Introduction to Tarot Download (MP3) – Autumn 2015
  • Free Webinar introducing ‘Initiation into Tarot’(Autumn 2015)
  • Free Webinar introducing the 7 Keys to personal Power. (Autumn 2015)
  • Free Breath mastery Tutorial (Download Audio)
  • 7 day Retreat Holiday in Cyprus (Spring 2016) The Aphrodite Process –10 women invited
  • Training–2/3 year in Breath mastery (incl: transformational theatre) – 2016
  • Tarot Parties  (eg. Hen party)

Christina offers private Sessions, Courses & 1 day workshops in Bournemouth in all of her subjects. Please email if you want more information on her local work.

She is also happy to travel to introduce her work (fees negotiable). She will design a program especially for your group, business, company or conference and is a delightful, knowledgeable and inspirational Speaker.

Future Products: A new Book called ‘The Aphrodite Process’ .. A practical Guide to mastering the complexity and beauty of Love and relationships. Aphrodite is an archetype, not just the feminine form; representing the quest for personal and universal love, harmony, beauty and creativity affecting all men and women.

New Audio (MP3) Initiation into Tarot ( Level 1) – first 7 Major Arcana cards

If you wish to enquire about any of our products & courses, please get in touch;

Christina is happy to travel with her work; If you would love to organize an event, she will design a program especially for your group, business company or conference; and is a delightful, knowledgeable and inspirational Speaker (fees negotiable).

Please express your interest by contacting me

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