Tarot-magician 2It only takes a moment to choose a card but a TAROT reading can change your life forever!

The tarot images stimulate ancient wisdom and the teachings of ancient world. There are many forms of divination, going back further even than the Delphic Oracle, but none so mysterious as the tarot. Tarot can give you greater understanding of the patterns in your life . . . “good, bad and the ugly”. It will give you an indication of what’s happening here and now, and what’s coming up; so you are better equipped to make better life choices and gain a clearer direction into the future.

Whilst tarot is a predictive tool, it is an ancient method that we can draw upon to give us spiritual connection and guidance to our own intuition and power. Tarot is not something outside of us, the images are within us, ready to be revealed. So come with me on this journey; as medium, seer and guide.

 I can help you open the door to mystic revelations that lead you to your destiny and transform your life


A unique course where you will experience a deeper more profound understanding of the tarot . . . There are many fantastic books about the intellectual meanings but this course really opens you up energetically to experience the essence and life force held within the cards and yourself.

Tarot is a powerful tool for psychic development. This multi dimensional approach and the practical exercises that I use will unlock the doorways into universal consciousness and other realms. Through the journey of each card you will tap into images , sounds, senses,  that awaken   archetypal symbols  and energy. These trigger deep subconscious memories in the psyche that humans understand. In this respect tarot’s pictorial language is a universal divinatory tool that everyone can relate to.

The work could possibly open up your dream world and I will encourage you with practical exercise for your spiritual development; A practical example; before you go to bed you will be asked to put a certain card under your pillow to gain understanding of that card

Full Moon over waterDreams are the language of symbol and a way in which our guides, angels and spirit can communicate with us, in this case to enlighten on the tarot ; not just as a predictive tool but  for healing and spiritual growth.

My work is inspired and developed from techniques used in ancient mystery schools, where initiates were given exercises to connect with the Oracle to develop their psychic ability. I am bringing back this form of teaching through ‘Initiation into Tarot’

On the course you will learn about the mysteries of this pictorial world brought to life through

  • creative visualisation with guided journeys using music;
  •  choosing a special Workbook  to record your journey and your own personal insights

As you are opening up to the tarot mysteries, you are likely to get impressions, messages, information.  Its important to record this

  •  being given simple ancient ‘rituals’ to open up and access spiritual knowledge and ground it through practical readings
  •  develop reverence for tarot as a tool to be called upon for positive purpose for yourself and others.

“I have known Christina Artemis for 14 years. Whenever I reach a point of making a decision or taking a new path in life I call Christina for a Tarot Reading.  

Why?  Because Tarot Cards are really great as they tell of a journey – but with a great Tarot Reader one can achieve tremendous insights, raise awareness, gain clarity and support to take new steps in life. 

Christina listens, connects and hears the Other Worlds through the Thin Veil, and with her vast and deep knowledge of Greek Mythology Ancient Wisdom and her experience of the Shadow as a Rebirther, she has the ability to see deep patterns that maybe do not serve one anymore.  Her insights into areas untouched and undiscovered, brings out our own inner wisdom to see for ourselves through the mists some clarity of choices.   

I have had amazing revelations through the Tarot readings by Christina and can only say that I thoroughly recommend her – what are you waiting for? Just call her.”                     

Glynis JudgeAthena Pronaia Sanctuary at Delphi, Greece


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