Tarot Readings


Cost: £25 for 30 min; I can also give a longer more in depth consultation £40 for One hour

If you need clarity on any issue, confused about a personal relationship or life direction.

I can give you guidance  on ZOOM, Skype or phone

I have been working with Tarot as a healing and counseling tool for over 30 years, including being a Regular Consultant with the well known “Psychic Circle”

Christina is available on Mondays from 9am and Thursday Evenings 6-11pm

Please click on this link and book your reading:

I am also available for ONE to One in Bournemouth  area


It can be predictive but I find that there is often more help gained by understanding what patterns are active in your life, and how to move through the challenges that life is presenting in a positive way.

It only takes a moment to choose a card but a TAROT reading can change your life forever!

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The tarot images stimulate ancient wisdom and the teachings of ancient world. There are many forms of divination, going back further even than the Delphic Oracle, but none so mysterious as the tarot. Tarot can give you greater understanding of the patterns in your life …“good, bad and the ugly”. It will give you an indication of what’s happening here and now, and what’s coming up; so you are better equipped to make better life choices and gain a clearer direction into the future.

Whilst tarot is a predictive tool, it is an ancient method that we can draw upon to give us spiritual connection and guidance to our own intuition and power. Tarot is not something outside of us; the images are within us, ready to be revealed.

When I work with a client directly, I ask you to shuffle the cards and I will lay them out in specific ‘Spreads’ depending on what is needed. I usually start with an overview to look at your life as it is at the moment, to see what the main issues are; often showing up as past, present and future possibilities. Then, re-shuffling, we will look at certain areas of your life (eg relationships, career, family, spiritual, money) specifically, both to clarify what has already come up in the first reading and also any relevant questions you have. I endeavour to answer specific questions. ( including about other people and new directions)

The way I work on phone or skype, when I don’t have you immediately ‘live’ in front of me:

  1. The way to book a Reading is to email me first to say you want a reading  and we arrange a time and date; then you would book via the shop on Bookings.
  2.  Prior to the reading, I recommend you write down what areas of your life you want to look at, and any questions.
  3. Then at the pre arranged time, you call me. I would then ask you to tune in quietly closing your eyes whilst I shuffle the cards on your behalf. I will ask you to say ‘stop’ and at that point I will lay out the cards as I have described above. The rest is the same as above.                                                         

So come with me on this journey; as medium, seer and guide. I can help you open the door to mystic revelations that lead you to your destiny and transform your life

Click here for more background on Tarot


  1. Maria Taylor

    “I have had wonderful readings by Christina Artemis; she has guided me in the reading to a clearer and more purposeful path. I have found her readings very inspirational and she is a truly intuitive and magical in her approach to the reading. I am now fulfilling my dearest hopes and wishes due to Christina’s readings.

    Thank you Christina from the bottom of my heart.”

  2. Christina Atemis

    “Christina listens, connects and hears the Other Worlds through the Thin Veil, and with her vast and deep knowledge of Greek Mythology Ancient Wisdom and her experience of the Shadow as a Rebirther, she has the ability to see deep patterns that maybe do not serve one anymore. Her insights into areas untouched and undiscovered, brings out our own inner wisdom to see for ourselves through the mists some clarity of choices.
    I have had amazing revelations through the Tarot readings by Christina and can only say that I thoroughly recommend her – what are you waiting for? Just call her.”
    Glynis Judge

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