radial Burst of EnergyBreath Mastery is a miraculous process of self-healing which encompasses the psychological, spiritual, physical and mental. Using this simple, yet dynamic breathing technique, gives us a deeper understanding of the power of thought. It is similar to ancient yoga techniques – Krya yoga and Pranayama, but has been developed to appeal to a more western approach; also known as ‘Rebirthing – Integrative Breath Therapy.

“Conscious  Connected Breathing” activates and increases  the Life Force.  Our bodies are composed of energy and information.  When we consciously tap in to this source through our breath, we activate suppressed energy (Jung called it the shadow self) This brings blockages to the surface so that we can feel, understand and release old patterns and pain held in the body thus…… bringing about transformation at a cellular level of the body and mind.
Ancient spiritual wisdom teach us that, Breath mastery is one of the major keys to enlightenment.  In the book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, Yogananda said

“We can heal all ills of the mind, body, emotions and spirit by learning to breathe consciously”

Through this powerful technique, we are able to access and heal deeper levels of our subconscious, where old fear, emotional pain and negative belief patterns are held and suppressed, including birth experiences.  The breathing has the effect of building up the energy in the body, in much the same way as doing physical exercise. The increased energy can then be used to dissolve any blockages, instead of burning it up.

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The Breathing can be taught in a private session and in a group Class. The technique involves connecting the inhale to the exhale in a continuous relaxed and rhythmic breath, whilst maintaining full awareness on the breath and energy and how it feels in the body. It is aptly named ‘Conscious Connected Breathing’ and a session can last from 1 to 2 hours or more. It can also be used in conjunction with other transformational work.

It is important in the early stages that one is guided by a professional Teacher, with the skill to encourage and support your breathing rhythm and expansion; also to provide the ‘psychic safety’ and experience to help you release old patterns and emotions, as well as assisting your understanding of the process in psychological terms. The student becomes increasingly aware of what is preventing them from having the life they want. After a series of private sessions, usually 10 to 20 with a professional guide, you can continue the process by yourself.

It is recommended that you do both: individual sessions can give you more personal attention, whilst you can gain a broader perspective and support through interacting with others in the wonderful healing space of a group. This particular use of these powerful Breathing Techniques have been developed by Christina Artemis to assist students to access deeper parts of themselves  and the Inner world of the Imagination.

Common mis-perceptions of Rebirthing (Breath Mastery)

It is not: Past life regression; A religion or cult; primal Therapy; A quick fix to sort out your problems. And you are NOT forced to get in touch with Negative or painful Memories .


  • Relaxation, stress release.
  • Dissolve fears, doubts and anxieties; helping with emotional and mental problems.
  • Improves conditions of chronic tiredness, asthma, chest pains, loss of energy or libido and lowering blood pressure
  • Better understanding of negative patterns of thoughts and behaviours, including addictions.
  • Physiologically, disease cannot survive in an oxygenated environment, so the Immune system is strengthened through increased oxygen from breathing more fully.  It is a known fact that 70% of toxins in our body are released through breathing.
  • Improved relationships in personal and working life.
  • Enhanced spiritual awareness.

From the Moment of Birth, Breath begins our Life
Breath is the Spirit of Life within Us.


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