“Creativity is a natural human function and accessed through imagination. It is perhaps our greatest gift and gives us our ability to solve problems.”

Christina Artemis


My next workshop is a 22 hour transformational workshop called “Unveil Your Personal Power – The Wisdom Behind the Mask” which is taking place in the Autumn 2018 (TBA) in Orgiva, Spain.  The workshop can be taken on it’s own or as part of a 7 day Retreat. You will be able to open the doorways of your mind and enter your inner world. For more information, click here. 

Open the doorways of your mind and enter your inner world

Wisdom Mask-Doorways WorkshopDoorways to power are Inner Journeys of Self Discovery to inspire your imagination and use it as a powerful tool for change.
In these workshops, we use a combination of techniques to access blockages, shadow self, negative patterns. These include:
• Visualisation, drama improvisation, storytelling, ritual theatre to move into a imaginative world where universal knowledge can be accessed and where one’s personal life can be seen from a detached perspective.
• “Conscious breathing” which creates the Bridge between the Inner and the Outer World; this key technique opens us up to a receptive state of consciousness, where the Shadow world can be safely explored.
• Drawing upon the archetypes and mythology of the Ancient world, in particular the Greek myths which are just as relevant today in the way they depict our human dilemmas with life’s tests and trials
• Ancient keys which activate the doorways within our psyche and our subconscious where transformation occurs.

All knowledge is contained within YOU

What you can achieve by taking   “Doorways to power “ courses and workshops?

  • Gaining the certainty of your personal power; the ability to create change in your life
  • Connect with your own wisdom from within
  • Profound sense of joy and spontaneous play.
  • Letting go of the victim and negative belief patterns, structures and behaviours.
  • Being liberated from restrictive beliefs based on school and family conditioning
  • Ability to manifest what we want by developing creativity through imagination.
  • Gaining confidence and full self expression.
  • Deep self understanding and insights into others and their behaviours.
  • Gain our psychic power and reclaiming our inner magician.
  • Gain enormous amounts of energy and re-vitalisation in body, mind, spirit
  • Seeing your inner identity and the roles we play.
  • Changing your perception of who we are in the bigger picture.
  • Interpreting your life’s experience with fresh eyes.

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Our next Doorways to Power Workshop (Wisdom behind the Mask)—lead by Christina Artemis and her experienced Team ” Click here for more info


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