Christina offers a free 30 min consultation

I can offer you a spectacular and invigorating process by taking you to the source of all these issues – to your hidden depths.  This is not hypnosis but a simple process using Breathing as a source of vibration coupled with your desire to explore different aspects of yourself.. We start with an issue that you wish to bring to this session.

Try asking yourself these sorts of questions

  • What has made me the person I am today
  • What new pathways do I want to explore now and in the future?
  • What do I still wish to achieve?
  • What has stopped me doing things in the past?
  • What is causing pain in my body?
  • What holds me in a depressive or addictive state?
  • How can I cope with Death and Dying ?
  • How can I manage my fear?
  • How can I manage my stress?
  • What does my body really need to stay strong?

How can I feel the REAL me again?        

We take will take our first step together on an exploratory journey using sight, touch, smell, creativity and emotions.  Its like taking a real journey – a sort of visualisation – a moment by moment weaving of your memories held deep in the cells of your body’s natural intelligence – I provide a safe space guiding you to explore deeply using conscious connected breathing using my knowledge and skills of energies, archetypes, the energy matrix – and much more.








These are archetypal soul journeys using conscious connected breathwork                              

Inner explorations to discover what is blocking you having what you want.

Focus on new beginnings, creating change within your life, relationships, and work

Step across the threshold and make your dreams a reality reality

We humans are amazing. Learn the secrets of your inner wisdom

The main technique I work with is Breath Mastery. You will learn practical exercises for conscious breathing.  This will help you to clear major patterns of negative thoughts and behaviours that have prevented you from having the life and love you want. Breathing consciously will improve your health ( physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). This is the key to amazing change, self development and transformation

Many therapies require talking to someone about yourself –  Trying to remember things that happened.  It’s not easy  and often this can lead you to telling the same story many times over. One needs to come at stored memory, blockages and habits from a completely different vantage point.




  1. Christina Atemis

    Testimonial from Annie
    Christina is a powerful teacher and re-birther. I have worked with her for many years and she has helped me transform my fears, emotional blockages and patterns using breath and personal law. She makes you feel safe confronting stuff your afraid to look at, enabling you to see it, allow it, integrate and transform it so you can empower your life with positive choices..and not be the slave to old patterns and fears..she is supportive and dynamic in her work.

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