There is no such thing as An Impossible Dream

 In The 7 Keys

There is no such thing as “An Impossible Dream”!

This song means a lot to me as I sang it in not just 1 but 2 Productions of “Man of La Mancha”; story of Don Quixote, it is the title song. This was many years ago and it continues to resonate with me.

I believe human beings have forgotten we have ‘magical powers’. I don’t mean spells. I mean the ability to create our dreams; to connect with our personal power to focus our intentions by connecting with what I call the ‘Energy Matrix’ (Universal intelligence).

Nothing can prevent us from realising our dreams apart from us. My video here goes into what might stop us. I believe the reason “Harry Potter” has become so popular is because we are ‘studying to become Wizards’ at some level. You might scoff, and say this is only fantasy?

But this archetype (also known as the Magician) lives within us. Universal Consciousness wants us to awaken and regain this knowledge. I am offering an Audio ‘the 7 Keys to Personal Power’ as a working intro to the 7 day Spanish Retreat, my friend Glynis Judge and I are running in October. You can’t afford to miss this! Click here to find out more.


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