Unveil Your Personal Power

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The Wisdom Behind the Mask
22hr intensive weekend workshop
Led by Christina Artemis and her experienced team

These are rites of passage. Taking the knowledge of the 7 keys, the initiate will experience the 7 mysteries.

This powerful journey takes it one stage further from the 7 Keys podcast, where you will experience a deeper level as you go through each Doorway of Power; during this 22 hour adventure we will be – confronting, awakening and transforming your personal awareness.

Wisdom Mask-Doorways Workshop

As you approach each doorway, initiates will be given specific processes to focus personal issues. At the core of this workshop, participants will go on an adventure, a mythological journey, often created especially for them, a kind of Ritual Drama using powerful music, movement, improvisation techniques and visualization. They will enter the ‘Shadow World’ and journey to achieve some great goal or face a challenge; meeting and working with (Jungian) archetypes, who may block, support, or challenge the individual’s or group’s progress. Doorways to Power workshops are unique in that these characters can be played by anyone in the group; the journeys are experiential in that you will physically walk through actual doors, or travel across an actual bridge for example; exciting in that you are put into situations as if it were real. (this work is similar to Derren Brown’s TV series about ordinary people facing their fears and challenges and transforming them; however we are NOT hypnotising people as he does)

Everyone in the group participates actively in each others’ journeys and inner dramas. These archetypal soul journeys are played out in real time and place, in a supportive environment. Christina will create a safe space where participants can experience old fears, negative belief patterns and past situations not healed, without judgement so they can be released.

These initiations are very profound and have immediate dramatic effect, transforming peoples’ lives. Why . . ? because we are entering a Higher realm, connecting with the universal life force energy.  By entering into the initiation, you are calling on ancient wisdom, your guides, guardians, angels and higher consciousness (God) to assist you to move beyond your limitations.

They are profound, fun, experiential, emotional and liberating for all!

Read more about this dynamic work developed by Christina


My next workshop is a 22 hour transformational workshop called “Unveil Your Personal Power – The Wisdom Behind the Mask” which is taking place from 5th/6th and 7th October 2018 in Orgiva, Spain.  This forms part of a 7 day Retreat Holiday with a difference.  You will be able to open the doorways of your mind and enter your inner world. For more information, click here. 

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