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artision statueDuring 2018, I will be offering the first of my free Webinars introducing many of the subjects raised on my Website. I will be starting with “The 7 keys to Personal Power” followed by “Initiation into Tarot”. These webinars are specifically to introduce my new Audio Courses so that you can hear my voice and also give you the opportunity to ask questions.

I love these subjects and will enjoy sharing my passion with you on the work I have been studying and developing for what seems many lifetimes.. I have been told by many, many people who I have worked with over the years that I have quite a different approach to the metaphysical subjects I teach.

I am really excited to be offering Webinars as I think this is an excellent way to get to know you all. Also, so you can decide if you want to go further into my courses for the tuition and self development exercises

The first one to be available is ‘The 7 Keys to personal Power’ and then ‘Initiation into Tarot’
You know I don’t feel as if I am the teacher; It’s almost as if I have to channel the knowledge before it is lost, and I must pass it on. Whenever I write an article or book or deliver a Workshop, most of the time I experience the words in my head as if for the first time but also it’s like I always knew …. the specific knowledge I am sharing. Walking through the ancient ruins of ‘Ephesus’, in Turkey, when I discovered the beginnings of an ancient path through the 7 Keys , it felt like an old, old memory. I am still uncovering and learning more of this ancient wisdom and I want to share it with you.  Interestingly, I was born with the name Artemis through my Greek Cypriot Father and the Temple of Artemis, (one of the 7 Wonders of the World) forms a major feature of the amazing site of Ephesus. It is not surprising that I was given the channelling on that site.

This Audio is now ready and I suggest you click on to those pages on the Web site. You might like to meditate on the images and words as a starting point and if you feel inspired and linked to them, make sure you register your interest by email so that you can be one of the first 50 to get the Special MP3 Introductory price for the 7 keys to personal power


 The 2nd Audio ‘Initiation into Tarot’ will be available 2018. I feel as if tarot is an old friend, which I have known about for as long as i can remember, even through many past lives. In fact it the tarot images themselves and what they have invoked in me that have been my teacher.  Although they have served me well as a predictive tool for some 30 years and still do, I believe they are much more about an ancient Journey that we as human beings can take as Initiates on a deepening and ongoing path of discovery.  I have learnt so much about myself and where i am going, what I am here for. Much of this knowledge has been lost and the day to day human existence never seems to give us enough time to spend time with ourselves. But If we approach with respect, we will awaken such knowledge within that will delight and shock and help us onward through life.

I trust that I can be the catalyst to your awakening to a surprising wealth
of knowledge; hence my Logo and strap-line “ Ancient wisdom for a Modern World”

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