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This book came as a result of the need to formulate and consolidate the range of my work and background influences that had led to the current day..Originally I intended only to write a handbook for my students and I ended up writing ‘Doorways to power’ I had been asked by so many people over the years to describe exactly what I do. I called the process collectively ‘Transformational theatre’ which is perhaps misleading. This work has nothing to do with training actors or engaging participants on workshops in performing on the stage.; perhaps it is more related to the Theatre of life that Shakespeare talks about:  ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’

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A deep exploration of self using traditional techniques associated with use of drama,  dance, movement, voice as therapeutic tools is used in synthesis with visualization, conscious breath-work, and other self development tools; set against my deep interest and inspiration in the archetypes and mythology of the ancient world.

The Chapters cover:

  • The Roles we play….how we can break free from old conditioning… what are the family patterns we can release.
  • Discuss archetypes and the shadow self and how these sub personalities can help or hinder our development
  • How mythology can inform our present day human issues and dilemmas.
  • How the work can assist our Soul journeys  and lead to our heart’s desires
  • Mind and Emotions; to learn how to use Mind creatively to get what we want and dissolve emotional upsets (even trauma) that may have blocked our authentic self
  • The techniques of conscious connected breathing leading to Breath mastery are described to show how we can really transform negative patterns through breath-work.
  • What the Energy matrix is and the way this universal power affects us.
  • Part 2 describes the way that ‘Transformational theatre’ and Doorways to power can be used in the Corporate world.


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