Sacred Olive Grove-near Granada; The Bohemian way

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I am blessed! Recently, I stayed in Orgiva, near Granada, Spain at my dear friend Glynis’s place. We have just completed a successful series of Taster Workshops, and Breath-work groups. Those who attended, loved them and several are interested to attend our bigger 22 hour Weekend workshop (Unveil your Personal Power) to be held next April.

I am now back in the UK and missing the warmth of Spain.

Glynis’s land is special!  It’s like an island, a plateau surrounded by the mountains, the Sierra Nevada and one has a feeling of being protected by Mother Earth in her great majesty. Every night, as I fell asleep, hearing night sounds all around, especially the call of the Owls, (my power Animal). Out on the Terrace each morning, we had breakfast and sipping the morning cuppa, watch the sun coming up over the mountain, myriads of bird song greeting us.  Looking out on to the Olive grove all around to see the sun glinting off the dark leaves and black and green olives dripping off the branches, ready to be harvested. Everything is so vibrantly alive including me, by the way.  So many trees, young and old stand here, so ancient and strong. This Olive Grove has inspired me with the old gnarled tree trunks; many interesting faces appearing there; I have included a sacred Olive grove in my Fantasy Novel that I am currently writing. Yes, some of you may remember, I was planning to write more of a self development book called “Aphrodite Awakes” The Delights and complexities of love and relationships’ I am sure I will come back to this book sometime in the future. But when I put pen to paper this year earlier this year, it wasn’t going very well. I was on my stunning terrace overlooking Pissouri, Cyprus in the warm Spring sunshine; No matter what I tried to write, Aphrodite seemed determined to tell the story her way.

‘At the meeting of the Council of the 4 Universes, she agreed to return once more to Earth to help the planet and Humans who are in dire distress. Everything is out of balance affecting the other galaxies and unless Earth can play her part, all will be lost. I have written 18,000 words sofar. This fantasy novel has a mind of it’s own. It follows the perilous journey of a young man from another planet and a young woman from Earth. They are Soul mates throughout all lifetimes.. They must find each other and seek the ancient temple of Aphrodite to bring balance and harmony back to Earth and her place amongst the 4 Universes’

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